Hello, Here is the second monthly update for Moonbase 332! To bring you up to date of the development there is one major update per month.


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The story could not be more absurd. A war between Germany and Austria in 2007?  Genetically modified Plagues tested on the Moon to use it as a weapon? An old American exterminator on the moon? YES EXACTLY! 

Hello and Welcome to Moonbase 332

Our goal is to create a simple and fun game, fast and smooth gameplay, 60 FPS, weapons, enemies …  Let’s just say: a solid first person shooter

The game will have 5 chapters. Like in a jump and run, at the end of each chapter you have to defeat a boss.

There will be enough to discover. There are hidden rooms / weapons / and so on. Finding these objects will only facilitate the game and are therefore not mandatory.

All weapons will have little recoil and can only be shot from the hip. Health regeneration does not exist.

You have a certain amount of lives. Once you have no life, you’ll see the Game Over screen. This means you have to start from new. But the game can be saved at any time.

Graphically, we put special attention to the light. We use the same engine as in “Der Professor”. With “Der Professor” we have made ​​a lot of things wrong. We have heard the criticism. In recent months, we have improved the engine to achieve a better result. Thus we have a lot more options than before!

We’ve decided to focus on developing a core, solid gaming experience first. Extra money will be used to improve the game. We think that Stretch Goals is the wrong way. The content of a game should not be determined based on Stretch Goals! Kickstarter has written an interesting article about Stretch Goals >Think Before You Stretch<

Test it!

Help us in the development, by playing the game in an early state.

Give us Feedback!

We stay connected with our testers via Telegram

We improve it!

We want to remove bugs as soon as possible.

Here we go

We need your help. Become a part of the closed beta! >><<


What about a Linux / Mac version?
We are working to make the game compatible with playonmac and playonlinux so you can play this game on Linux and Mac!

Will there be a French/German/Italian/Russian/etc version?

The game will be completely in English. But we want to offer the texts and subtitles in different languages​​. We depend on you! We want to translate Moonbase 332 through crowdsourcing.

$500? That’s not much. 

No, it isn’t. However, we are very serious about making this game even with a limited budget. We already have some important components. PatchNoteStudio is a group of People who like to make Videogames. It’s a hobby, not a regular job. Therefore, the development costs are low and focused only on material and digital objects.


Will Moonbase 332 published on Steam / GoG / Desura / etc?

Desura: Yes

GoG: wait for answer

Steam: If the game is successfully funded, we submit the game at Greenlight.

What happens if the funding fails?

No matter what happens: We will develop the game as much as we can.

I have another question

Via our website: At the bottom of our website you have the option to send questions to us. http://mb332.patchnotestudio.com/

Twitter: Use the hashtag #mb332 or send a message to @PatchNoteStudio

About PatchNoteStudio



Gameplay Reveal

Since the last update we have published 2 videos about Moonbase 332

State of development

Currently we are working strongly to finalize the Closed Beta. On 22 November the closed beta goes online for all registered users and can be downloaded via Desura. The beta includes the entire first chapter and is strongly focused on it to collect feedback.

Become a part of the closed beta! >>Sign Up<<

Here are 3 screenshots from the latest build:

test-lvl27_2014-10-19_11-14-42 test-lvl27_2014-10-19_11-17-12 test-lvl27_2014-10-19_11-24-35

Have a nice Day!